15 janvier 2013


In pain or joy you stay my best friend melancholia
My support for my anguish day you stay always here on the shadows my melancholia

Miss you me if you let my life ?
Miss I you if I let your life ?

I'm so tired my friend. Some may call you a curse, others a blessing.

Still I cry with you at night dark shadow melancholia

It doesn't seem to matter but tell me what I will do ?

Don't you judge of my composure because I'm lying to myself. Don't you judge of my composure because I'm bothered everyday. It's my cross to bear, a lonely life in the dark.

I just want to live again. Live again melancholia. Spread my wings and to let my heart fly.

You has been my faithful companion melancholia and I can't deny our history. But please it's the time to let me go.

I must continue my journey and found alone my brick yellow road to do my fate a blessing...

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