1 avril 2012

Angel fall first

Ignorance led me into the light. But I opened my eyes for the first time and I'm plunged into the shadows. Today I see the darkness of the human. Today I see the disgust inspired by humanity itself.
It still hurts to see for the first time. But don't forget the beauty of heaven that made you rocked. Your life is there, forget the men and turn your face to me
No, I'm a fallen angel. The paradise suddenly disappeared from my heart. Should I've left eyes closed? Am I wrong?

Ignore the world is possible, it's a chance to live here. Take back your life and taste the grace of eternity. Forget what you saw at the home of the Lord.
Without a cloud in the blue sky the world seemed so beautiful. But I've seen the human, I know their pain. So everything I am, everything I thought is it a lie?

No you are our son and we love you. Please try to understand. This is your home my son.

 Angels are falling the first. I'm not what I thought. I was raised in liars. Is it as the Lord show his love?

 Sometimes for the good of all you need to make sacrifices. We can't do anything for them, the Lord has has dicided so

For the Holy Cross I bathed my feet with my tears. I cut off the wings and would share their suffering. Now I am

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